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High-resolution cardboard inspection system SENSAI-CP

High-resolution, high-speed inspections for the full range of printing specifications

Install SENSAI-CP on a production line for cardboard sheets that are transported and printed at high speeds to implement 100% inspections for printing defects such as dirt, color variations, character defects, and color misalignment.

The system offers excellent operability, and inspection precision can be set separately for printed and liner areas to reduce the workload on manufacturing personnel.

Example detections

SENSAI-CP delivers high-precision inspections capable of detecting 0.5 mm defects!

Product specifications

Product name (model number) SENSAI-CP
Inspection dimension Example: 2,555 (W) × 950 (feed) mm / 690 (width) × 250 (feed) mm
Inspection speed 350 sheets/min.
Supported paper thicknesses 1.5 to 8mm
Inspection resolution 0.33 (W) × 0.33 (feed) mm
Inspection capacity Darkness defects (dirt inspection), brightness defects (missing-graphics inspection), content defects (same-coordinate inspection) via pattern matching; others via special inspection algorithms (barcode, red-point, character defect inspections); functionality for conducting master checks against plate data (optional)
History data storage All defect information is saved on an internal hard disk.
Correction functionality Alignment function for X-Y-θ correction and thick paper dirt avoidance correction
External output Functionality for generating output for production line equipment, ejection mechanisms, and marker systems
Power supply capacity 3-phase, 200 V, 20 A, equivalent to 7 kVA