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  • Inline quality inspection system for sheet-fed presses SENSAI

Inline quality inspection system for sheet-fed presses SENSAI

More than just your run-of-the-mill inspection system!
Introducing a print quality management system that reduces wastage!

Proprietary Webtech inspection technology makes it possible to detect everything from minuscule defects like pinholes to faint scumming and color variations. As a result, you can not only prevent customer complaints, but also reduce resource and time wastage associated with producing defective output that can’t be used.

Choose from an extensive selection of options to create the right system for your own production operations.


UV thick paper ejector

Automatically eject defective paper and eliminate the need for manual post-inspection removal. Accelerate delivery by reducing labor requirements, ensuring all defective sheets are removed, and shortening the production process! You’ll be able to ship product immediately after printing.

SHUSAI defect tabulation software

Instantly analyze what type of defects occurred, when, and where based on inspection history data. In addition to providing inspection data to customers, the software can be used for machine maintenance and operational training. Use in combination with a numbering system to enable more fine-grained, practical sorting, for example between multi-page layouts whose pages are all defective and those for which only some pages are defective.


By printing numbers on all sheets that are inspected, you can reliably sample sheets and compare their numbers to numbers in the inspection history in order to prevent shipment of defective sheets. Use with SHUSAI defect tabulation software to verify detected history data and determine after the fact which defects to sample for by comparing numbers with numbers on known-good sheets. The result is that you’ll be able to sample with less waste.

SHIKISAI color management system

Manage variations in contrast in real time during production based on ΔE values. Since the entire sheet is imaged, there’s no need to choose a contrast measurement location such as the color patches used with conventional colorimeters. And since variations are reported as color differences in the lab color space, the system can be used in ways that interrelate closely to production processes.

Product video

Detect defects reliably! Significantly improve printing work!

Product specifications

Product name (model number) SENSAI
Inspection method Pattern matching
Camera Color (8,192-bit/4,096-bit/2,048-bit)
Maximum machine speed 18,000sph
Supported paper thicknesses As determined in consultation with the customer
Installation location Final impression cylinder (as determined in consultation with the customer)
Inspection system makeup Final impression cylinder (as determined in consultation with the customer)
Thick paper sheet stabilization device (SSS)
High-brightness white LED lighting system (DLS)
4,096-bit super-high-sensitivity digital line camera
Multi-touch monitor