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  • High-resolution offset rotary inspection system SENSAI-WEB

High-resolution offset rotary inspection system SENSAI-WEB

High-speed inspections at 17 sheets per second!

In the past, when inspecting printed output being produced at high speeds, it was only possible to detect major defects, with the result that character and graphic defects went undetected.

GPUs are part of a major, state-of-the-art trend in technologies used in areas such as high-definition game consoles, automobile self-driving, and artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning. They offer calculation throughput that is 70 times faster than a general-purpose CPU (i.e., faster than a conventional inspection system).

Webtech has brought this state-of-the-art technology to print inspections to deliver unprecedentedly fast inspections.

Example detection

A special, high-speed processing algorithm automatically corrects for sheet meander and paper expansion and contraction. The result is consistent, highly precise inspections!

Product specifications

Product name (model number) SENSAI-WEB
Inspection dimensions Full-sheet A-size horizontal: 1,030 (W) × 625 (feed) mm
Half-sheet B-size vertical: 880 (W) × 546 (feed) mm
Inspection speed 625 m/min. (1,000 rpm)
546 m/min. (1,000 rpm)
Inspection resolution 0.26 (W) × 0.26 (feed) mm (standard specifications)
0.21 (W) × 0.21 (feed) mm (standard specifications)
Inspection capacity Darkness defects (dirt inspection), brightness defects (missing-graphics inspection), content defects (same-coordinate inspection) via pattern matching; others via special inspection algorithms (barcode, red-point, character defect inspections); functionality for conducting master checks against plate data (optional)
History data storage All defect information is saved on an internal hard disk.
Correction functionality Alignment function for X-Y-θ correction and thick paper dirt avoidance correction
External output Functionality for generating output for production line equipment, ejection mechanisms, and marker systems
Power supply capacity 3-phase, 200 V, 40 A, equivalent to 14 kVA
Cameras* One 4K camera each, front and back *Also available with two 4K cameras each. (Resolution: 0.13 × 0.13 mm)